Fessenden's Secret Pedophile History

Victims Speak Out

4. James Dallman, an English teacher at the school who drugged, raped and beat his victims. Dallman died of aids after his arrest on campus in 1977.

5. Claude Hasbrouck, a German and ex Hitler Youth who brutalized and raped students. The Nazi took pleasure in abusing the Jewish students. He proudly displayed the Nazi flag on his wall in his Hyde dormitory quarters, often providing security on the floor while his pedophile friends raped students in Dallman’s quarters.

5. Mickey Clampit, the school phycologist. The kids who complained of being raped were sent to this nut, who raped these kids and colluded with a Pedophile Psychiatrist from Boston Children’s Hospital who provided prescription drugs to these abused children. Below you will find a victim who contacted me through my website. His name is x’d out but I sent this information to Garabedian, as I do all victims who contact me looking for help.

"Greetings ; I have just discovered this work of yours and any light I can shed on Mickey Clampit ( unsure about spelling after all these years) I will be happy to do . I was named xxxxxxx at Fessenden I believe . I was born xxxxxxxxxxx , my name changes have been part of my life process. Mickey first started fondling me in Moore hall when I was a 5 day boarder and in 5th grade . I had been at Fessy for approximately 2 months when it started ( this was a psychologist and he zeroed in on my vulnerability ). By the time I returned from Christmas He had already Got me an ADD diagnosis and I was being dosed with large amounts of Dexedrine and Ritalin by another child molester Dr. Melvin Levine. I had to continue allowing both of these 'men' to play with my genitals to get the drugs I quickly became addicted to at the age of what 14? My conclusion was these people were networked and therefore tacitly assisted in their activities by the entire staff . Perhaps they thought it stylish and racy . Nasty Ned Hope he is Dead . Dan Senecal should never be allowed power over another human, if he is allowed this, this dangerous sociopath should immediately be exposed any way possible . Melvin Levine who was employed by Children's Hospital , at the time, has blown his own head off with a shotgun . I honestly think all the people involved in my in my mental and physical torture when i was a child alone in a strange situation without parents or any loved ones to intervene on my behalf should do the world one final good deed in their horrible evil lives follow Levine's queue take a shotgun to your heads . Ya I am still pissed and will continue to be for the rest of my life . Fessenden Pay What You All Owe!"

Dr. Levine

6. A man named Kenny Huntoon from Roslindale who was a pedophile friend of Clarridge and took delight in raping Jose Bosch of the Bacardi Rum family at Clarridges Hart Dorm quarters, Jose’s’ house in Hyannisport and Speers house in Wellesley.

7. Roger Speer, another perp friend of Clarridge who raped kids at the school in Clarridges’ Hart dorm quarters, as well as his house on the Charles River in Wellesley. Speer was arrested with Clarridge and Dallman. Father Geoghan, the pedophile priest in the movie Spotlight, was a frequent visitor at Speers house.

8. J BeechamTredennick another teacher at the school whose supervisor was none other than Arthur Clarridge. Tredennick left Fessenden to become the Headmaster of Belmont Hill and the new Headmaster at Fessenden (Armstrong) was Tredennick's AHM at Belmont Hill.

9. Dary Dunham an assistant headmaster and my old hockey coach who also brutalized kids, told me in 2015 at the Red Lion Inn located in Stockbridge MA, that he knew that Nat Coffin raped David Mclean and that Dan Senecal and several students chased Coffin through the underground tunnels in the mid 1970’s. Parker corroborated this fact. Not long after my meeting with Dunham and just after the Boston Globe Spotlight story came out I was told by Mitch Garabedian that information had come in about Dunham and I was no longer allowed to have any contact with him whatsoever. I got the same info from Jon Saltzman of Spotlight. The Globe has information on students that have come forward alleging Dunham had abused them.

10. Dan Senecal. This man was a Jekyll and Hyde sadist who loved smacking around kid’s. He claims to be this great outdoorsman, yet he lost a couple of students on the Appalachian Trail back in the 80’s. He covered up the abuse that went on at Fessenden as evidenced by the multiple times he caught people raping kids in the Hyde Dormitory. This included Clarridge and Nat Coffin. Yet just last year he was the keynote speaker at the annual Alumni dinner held in the Kelley Room. For the life of me I can’t understand why the hell would Fessendens’ Board of Directors allow this man on campus is beyond me. Remember the Board knew of Senecals involvement from the multiple complaints from victims as evidenced by the non-disclosure settlements.

11. Dr. Melvin Levine the Boston Childrens Hospital Physciatrist who prescribed the drugs that turned  many of the schools victims into drug addicts. Then once they became addicted used that addiction to rape his victims. Dr. Levine comitted suicide in 2010 after being indicted for the rapes of hundreds of children.

12. Dr. Young the schools phychologist who was arrested in the 1980's for molesting children.

13. Mr. Brown a teacher

14. Mr. Boyadjian a teacher

To the parents of current students and to the parents thinking about sending their kids to Fessenden, the school knew and knows about former and
existing pedophiles I believe are still in its faculty ranks. I have told the law enforcement authority’s what I know, and certainly, the school knows about my fears because I stated them publicly on PBS last year. The board knew all about this ring, yet still named the hockey rink after former Headmaster Coffin (recently taken down after I blew the lid on this story). Remember, FESSENDENS BOARD SIGNED SETTLEMENTS WITH Mclean and OTHER VICTIMS over the years, but as recently as last year Headmaster Stettler told former alumni Andrew Bakalar last year that they just found out about Coffin recently. Bullshit. The school settled with victim’s years ago, and again, circle back to the board of director’s letter I wrote to them several years ago. They knew about this whole story for decades, and unfortunately, still don’t care about properly vetting faculty to ensure the safety of YOUR children.
Sadly, this story doesn’t end with Fessenden. These pedophiles all hung together and when the abused students left school for the Ivy School Highway, they had other perps waiting at these prep schools who told the students if they didn’t have sex with them, they would never graduate.

De Oppresso Libre’
The Green Beret Motto. It means” free the oppressed.”

My name is John Sweeney, I was raped by Arthur Clarridge while attending the Fessenden School and I've dedicated this website to the victims of pedophiles worldwide. The ultimate goal of this website is twofold. First, we want the abolishment of the statute of limitations for victims of child sex abuse. Second, I am forming a nonprofit organization called " Safe Haven Trauma Center" to help sex abuse victims with PTSD. By exposing Fessenden's past for what it was, a playground for pedophiles who sexually abused Fessenden's students drugging them and in some cases, turning them into drug addicts so they could have sex with these young boys, is abhorrent.

Fessenden's history is far from what is depicted on the school's history website. In fact, Fessenden has knowingly misled its alumni, parents and students about it's pedophile cult that has existed in its faculty ranks for decades, and which I believe is still going on today. Below is the document entitled The Cover Up, which is based on my research.

The Fessenden Cover Up
My name is John Sweeny. I’m a former United States Army Green Beret who received number one in his class while attending the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, located at Fort Bragg North Carolina. I also was drugged, raped and tortured as a child while attending Fessenden.

When the Fessenden school attorney told my attorney Mitchell Garabedian in 2011 to take a $100,000 settlement offer, or leave it, I went back into Green Beret mode and started my own investigation into the pedophile ring and sick culture that I believe still exists at the Fessenden school. If you’re a parent thinking about sending your kid to that school, you will think twice about that very important decision after reading what I’ve uncovered.

In 1970, I attended the Fessenden school and Arthur Preston Clarridge was my dormitory master. While I was under his supervision, Clarridge drugged and raped me in my dorm room. When I told my mom the next day she didn’t believe me (Clarridge and the other pedophiles groomed our parents first before they groomed us), so I gathered up enough courage at 12 years of age and proceeded directly to Headmaster Robert P.T. Coffins’ office. What I did not know was the headmaster was directly involved in a pedophile ring that existed among the school faculty. After I started telling headmaster Coffin what had happened to me, he abruptly cut off the conversation and stated that “I had a vivid imagination.” Funny, those were the very same words that Clarridge used on my report card. The link below is to the letter I wrote to the head of the Board of Directors of Fessenden detailing the actual rape that happened to me as well as the unbelievable climate of abuse which was more like a prisoner of war camp for the pedophile ring’s victims. I provided the link below because of the labile effect and PTSD triggers that I am susceptible to every time I tell my story.

Letter To the Board Of Directors

 I want the people who read this letter to Mr. Bramley to make note of the date on the letter. I will circle back to this when I shred Fessenden’s on record recollection of who knew what, when and where.

I witnessed many of the boys being raped in Clarridge’s quarters by his friends that were pedophiles. Roger Speer, a close friend of Clarridge and another man named Kenny, who raped Fessenden students on campus. I also used to sneak down at night and go outside, placing a piece of cardboard in the door locking mechanism so it wouldn’t lock behind me, through the blinds that were sometimes not always pulled all the way down in Clarridge’s quarters and even Clarridge’s door key hole. I witnessed the rapes of Chris Maytag by James Dallman, Arthur Clarridge and many others. They would have orgies in Clarridges Hart dormitory quarters after drugging their victims. Clarridge wore girl’s panties underneath his sweats.  Clarridge was a hairy ape, his pubic hairs bulged out the sides of his female attire. Many of the students were foreign students such as José Bosch of the Bacardi rum family. Clarridge and Dallman turned Chris Maytag (Maytag Corp) into a cocaine addict for sex. Here is the link to his obituary from a drug overdose.

Maytag Obituary

On December 9, 1977, an FBI task force comprised of the Feds, state, and local law enforcement, arrested pedophiles in multiple states including Clarridge and Dallman, on Fessenden’s campus for the sexual exploitation of minors. They used to take kids to houses in Revere and other towns, drug them and then gang rape them. Some were runaways and some were Fessenden students. Another house where they raped kids was Roger Speer’s house in Wellesley. Clarridge, Kenny and Speer would rape José Bosch there and at Jose’s’ house located in Hyannis Port across from the Kennedy compound. I was there so I know, as well as another victim Jay who contacted Spotlight. Below you will find the link to the AP article covering the on-campus arrests.

On Campus Arrests

The date was 12/09/1977 and Fessenden started an immediate in -house investigation. And check this link out just two days later and on a weekend.

Saving Face

The last three paragraphs have Headmaster Coffin and Assistant Headmaster Dan Senecal on record and it is horrific. Coffin is quoted that he was” relieved that no students were ever molested on campus” and Senecal is quoted as stating that they would have known if kids were being raped. What’s unbelievable is Senecal, a sadistic bully, is quoted that the school held a meeting with the upper-class students and they tried to explain to them that homosexuality is a part of life. Really Dan? The rape of innocent children is a part of life. And why didn’t the school talk to the lower grade students? Because they knew that one of us might come forward. So… the ring of pedophiles that ran that damn school gambled and won. The pedophiles had nothing to lose. The Spotlight team found another article in the Fitchburg newspaper that quotes headmaster Coffin saying” we certainly feel bad for Arthur Clarridge.” By the way, in 1975, Dan, you found Nat Coffin raping David Mclean multiple times in his dorm room. To refresh your memory Senecal, click on the link below in #3. By the way, Spotlight has all the Mclean non-disclosure details.

How could Fessenden have reached everyone that went to school there in two days across the country, never mind the foreign students on a weekend? Without the internet? They didn’t and never intended to. This is where law enforcement dropped the ball in my opinion. Clarridge worked at the school for 29 years, Dallman for 14 years and I have found a total of 8 pedophiles I’m naming in just a bit, but to put this into perspective, Father Geoghan worked for the Catholic Church for 30 years and raped 130 kids. Geoghan was friends with Clarridge, Dallman, Spear, Kenny etc. and raped kids at Spears’ house in Wellesley. No one contacted my family back then, or any of the victims’ families. So, law enforcement believed Headmaster Coffin when he told them no kids were molested at the school. Coffin was an ex-Marine Fighter Pilot, one of the youngest ever to earn his wings. I attribute this war heroes’ status as the reason for the DA’s lack of judgement in not investigating sex abuse at the school. Another reason is the schools powerful political connections.  

Below you will find a total of 8 pedophiles and 2 sadists (at a minimum) who raped students on Fessenden’s campus and participated in the cover up and concealment of the sexual exploitation of minors that went on for decades at the Fessenden school and which I believe is still going on.


Pedophiles and Accomplices to the concealment of the sexual exploitation of minors.

1. Arthur Clarridge. Arrested on Campus by the Fed’s in 1977.

2. Headmaster Robert PT Coffin who fondled me at the school cafeterias frigging headmasters table. The DA wanted to pursue charges against this guy but just didn’t have enough on him.

3. Headmaster Coffins son Nathaniel (Nat was raped by his father) who was caught numerous times raping David Mclean in 1975 as well as other students by utilizing the underground tunnel systems that connected the dormitories. Alumni John Parker has come forward and was a witness to this and was with DAN SENECAL and other students, chasing Nat through the tunnels who witnessed multiple rapes by Nat Coffin. The below link is from my press conference held in Ct. with John Parker. Parker witnessed several rapes. McLean’s case was settled in 1995. Fessenden’s attorney was Regina Rockefeller. Fessenden, the Insurance company and the Coffin Estates trust signed the non-disclosure agreement. Headmaster Coffin committed suicide several years after he left the school. This has been verified by numerous people who knew Coffin, including Assistant Headmaster Dary Dunham, who fingered Senecal.

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