Straight to the TOP


Donald Bramley
President of Fessenden’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Bramley:
My name is John Sweeney, every time I tell my story, tears start streaming down my face, because I feel like I’m being raped at Fessenden all over again. I’m a former honorably discharged and Honor Graduate of the US Army Green Berets (copy attached) who attended Fessenden in the late 60’s to early 70’s. I am writing to you because I want you to know my story, not from a sound bite, although the link below is my story broken by Michelle Miller of CBS News. Do not mistake my tears for weakness.
 (CBS News Link)

I was 11 years old when Arthur “Preston” Clarridge drugged and raped me in my Hart dorm room. Clarridge tried to groom me by letting me shift the gears in his blue 1963 split window coupe corvette and letting me watch Bobby Orr and the big bad Bruins in his apartment, which was located on the first floor of Hart.  Clarridge was determined to have sex with me, one way or another. A fellow student named Chris took notice of these grooming techniques, and warned me about taking showers while Clarridge and Dallman, another pedophile at the school, were on shower duty. You see, he became a drug addict while at Fessenden and raped as well. So was another student Jose’ who is from a prominent Liquor family. How do I know this? I saw it happen. Chris later died of a drug overdose. Jose’ was turned into teenage whore for these bastards. I saw these atrocities, and in the case of Jose, so did other people at Roger Speer’s house in Wellesley. Speer was one of the pedophiles arrested with Clarridge and Dallman, who were placed in cuffs by an FBI task force on Fessenden’s campus in 1977 for their involvement with a child sex prostitution ring.
These creeps were always trying to get us to go with them on weekend visits, whether it was at Speer’s house or Jose’s summer home in Hyannis port. The picture of me and Jose’ on the post card picture in the CBS News story was taken by Clarridge, Dalman and Claude Hasbrouck. If I were you I would find out the other kids names in that picture before Mitch does because they probably were abused as well. You see, they all had their favorite little “bunnies”, not my word, but a word that they used at their trial. Hopefully your attorney has read Clarridges Testimony. His sex kit is horrific.
I was sleeping in my dorm room on a night when my roommate was not at the school. I had a bad case of the flu when Clarridge entered my room. He asked how I was feeling and I told him my nose was all stuffed up. He then produced a Vic’s nose inhaler, just like the ones they sold at the school store. He placed the inhaler in my nose and told me to breathe deeply…. I remember waking up to a fuzzy picture, and then as I came too, I realized Clarridge was blowing me while jerking off on the side of the bed. I screamed “what the fuck are you doing?” He fell off the bed onto the floor, pulling his pants up, yelling at me that it was lights out. The very next day I called my mom and told her what happened. She did not believe me. You see Clarridge had befriended my mother. Standard operation procedure for those bastards. He abused Jose’ in his house on the Cape.
The next day I gathered up enough courage to go see the headmaster Coffin. He told me I had a vivid imagination. Funny, that’s the same thing I remember Clarridge saying on my report card. It was their “buzz words” they would use if they were ever exposed. Coffin then escorted me out of his office. Coffin was a pedophile, raging alcoholic, and smoked a pipe like a chimney. More on him later. I still had to deal with fighting off Clarridge, who still made advances towards me even after I flipped out in my dorm room.
My Dad sent my sister Connie to the University of Paris. She flew across the pond back to Boston for a week’s visit and while she was here she naturally wanted to see her little brother. There happened to be some type of function that week at Fessenden and she showed up. She did not know that I had been raped. After the Coffin office meeting, I buried my rape deep inside my soul but still felt the trauma and had to cope with the feelings of shame. You have to be sexually abused as a child to understand the disassociation that is a coping mechanism that we victims use to mask the trauma. I’ve had PTSD for over 47 years, and by the end of this letter, I hope you understand why. Anyways, my sister Connie was looking for a ladies room and some of the hallways were very dark. She opened up a door to a room and there was Clarridge, foundling another boy. The next day Connie went to see Coffin. She was escorted into his office by the secretary, who then left. When she told Coffin what happened, he turned belligerent, grabbed her by her arm and threw her out of his office in a rage, telling her if she ever came back he would have her arrested for trespassing. He scared the shit out of her. She never told my parents. That’s what people did back in the day.
I was in study hall that day. Clarridge was working it. It was in the room that still has flags flying overhead with the big stone fire place at the end. Coffin and Dallman walked in, grabbed Clarridge, and walked to the end of the room by the fire place and had a little side bar conference. During that time they turned and brow beat me down several times. That’s when the real mental abuse started. Sleep deprivation, food rationing, blowing kisses at me in the showers and telling me what to write in letters home to my parents. The letters home were required. Clarridge actually dictated what I could write! It felt like a concentration camp, and if you don’t believe me you better do due diligence on Hasbrouck’s background. This ring of pedophiles were fast tracking me to get me expelled by grades, bogus demerits and anything else they could do to get rid of their problem. If you look at my record you will find I was expelled for stealing food from the dining room. Now why does a boy whose father was a 15 year Chief Surgeon and lived in a mansion in Newton have to steal fruit. And a whole dining rooms worth. I got caught because a squadron of fruit flies took over my closet. I hid the fruit in my laundry bag which was hanging on a hook in the closet. But I didn’t care, I was starving!
I say Coffin was a pedophile because one day I was eating at the headmasters table. I was seated to Coffins right, sandwiched in between him and Clarridge, who was seated to my right. Lady Coffin was seated to her husband’s left, as well as her son Nat. While I was trying to eat Coffin had his hand on my lap, slowly moving his hand towards my crotch.  At the FRIGGING Dinner Table!!
 I’m not a stupid man and neither are you. I see you’re an investment banker type. Connie’s husband is a retired senior partner and Managing Director with Morgan Stanley, you know that whole Bel Haven Greenwich Ct crowd. She will testify to what she saw. And so will I. Now, you got to worry about Claude Hasbrouck, a man who portrayed himself more as an SS guard then a teacher. He use to grab us by the hair, pulling it out, at the same time administering the dreaded “chinny”. He would grab us by the soft skin behind our chins and pinch real hard, leaving them black and blue. He also raped Fessenden children, and your about to find out about him.
 I want you to know I hold Fessenden responsible for all of its victims. In the letter I received from Fessenden in 2011 it states” In November 1977, the Boston Police arrested the Assistant Headmaster Arthur Clarridge for his involvement in a case of sexual exploitation of minors in Revere, Massachusetts. Clarridge resigned immediately. At the time, there was no indication that Fessenden boys were abused or that any misconduct occurred on the school’s campus.” - See more at:
That’s a lie. I told Fessenden, my sister told Fessenden and now I’m telling you. And you won’t be able to lie anymore, because through disclosure you guy’s got to come clean. My brother, who is an attorney, can’t wait for my testimony. And he knows this. I was trained to over throw governments as long as it was in the national security interest of the United States, among many other Black Operations. They call Green Berets the ultimate force multipliers.  I’m about to bring that to bear. You are about to see a coalition that I’ve put together. After our Press conference that will be attended by national as well as local media, there will be an army of supporters from the different child sex abuse organizations that will picket with the friends and family. I have accepted the support of some very smart and influential Fessenden alumni that are preparing to implement our mission. We are taking this fight via Facebook, Twitter, blogs and every social media possible. Two of the alumni are savvy, veteran media consultants who will bring millions of people into our fight against this institution that frankly, is still run by people with no souls, for if you had one, you would have done the proper thing a long time ago.
With the help of my brother who is a lawyer, I look forward to cross examination. I am fully prepared for all the junk about memories fading over time, drug use etc. Just remember  that I’m going to be chucking back hand grenades filled with facts collaborated by other victims testimony and when I’m done, Fessenden’s going to feel like they were dragged through a mine field by one of “Hasbrouck’s Chinney’s”. And I got no one shooting at me.
California, Delaware, Hawaii and Minnesota have adopted 1 year window legislation. Mass is a progressive state which will eventually adopt it. I’m as patient as a sniper, and so are the other victims. I look forward to doing this all over again.

John Sweeney