Picture of me on the right and three other boys. One of the boys I saw being abused by Clarridge and a friend of his named Kenny. Picture was taken by Dallman. Dressing us up in the altar boy outfits were Clarridge and Claude Hasbrouck. I believe the other two boys in the photograph were sex abuse victims themselves.

This is where I sat at the Headmaster's table fighting off headmaster Coffin's groping underneath the table as explained in the letter to the Board of Directors.

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

The Kelley Room, This room is outside the Headmasters office. The back of the bench below the windows has written in yellow the names of all the teachers that have taught at Fessenden. Clarridge and Dallmans names have been omitted.

Hart House dormitory where I was raped. Clarridge lived in the apartment located in the downstairs of the building.

The Schoolroom, This is study hall with the fireplace where Clarridge, Coffin and Dallman had their meeting after my sister Connie was thrown out of the headmasters office.